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Font & Text Classes

It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of all the values that you are using in your design. It’s unlikely that CSS will ever include constants, so it will help to keep notes in an easy-to-reference location in your document. Creating a glossary of colors and types leads to more consistent and attractive designs  Although section headers and dividers really aren’t anything more than CSS comments, they do help organize your CSS and allow you to quickly scan your code to locate particular CSS rule groups. If you have established a TOC, I recommend reflecting that organization here. I uses asterisks to indicate a section level. All of the CSS rules starting with @ (@media, @font-face, @import) need to be placed above any other CSS in the external style or embedded style sheet. In addition to making these rules easier to find, many of them won’t work unless they’re placed at the top.

Font & Text Classes
Class Defines
w3-tiny Specifies a font size of 10 pixels
w3-small Specifies a font size of 12 pixels
w3-large Specifies a font size of 20 pixels
w3-xlarge Specifies a font size of 24 pixels
w3-xxlarge Specifies a font size of 32 pixels
w3-xxxlarge Specifies a font size of 48 pixels
w3-jumbo Specifies a font size of 64 pixels
w3-wide Specifies a wider text
w3-serif Changes the font to serif
w3-text-shadow Deprecated (Use CSS3 instead)
w3-slim Deprecated (Use letter-spacing instead)
w3-vertical Deprecated (Use w3-container or w3-panel instead)